Important Message About the 2021 Race

Hello Everyone:

It is not likely news to anyone that the Annual Sandia Snowshoe Race, organized and presented by the Friends of the Sandia Mountains (FOSM) has grown in size and complexity. Not only have the numbers of participants increased, but the time involved to plan and coordinate this massive event has increased dramatically.

Along with increased participation comes increased legal liability, the need for additional on-site emergency medical assistance, etc.. The time involved, expenses incurred and other associated factors have become more and more challenging to be effectively managed by a relatively small volunteer organization such as ours.

Given these realities, the FOSM Board of Directors determined that a study be undertaken to take a fresh look at how to enhance management and presentation of the race. The 2021 Snowshoe Race Exploratory Committee, Chaired by FOSM Vice-President Lou Romero, was appointed to review the entire race operation and make recommendations based upon their findings to the Board. All aspects of the race were thoroughly examined, including but not limited to, possibly seeking an outside sponsor to assume primary responsibility. The Committee identified possible sponsors and also met with Sandia Ranger District management staff to get input from the USFS side. This resulted in learning that the District was likely to stop issuing Special Use Permits for any group activities on the District through the end of 2020 with the option to extend this prohibition into 2021 if COVID-19 circumstances required. This reality added yet another uncertainty about scheduling the 2021 race, since the coordination needed to put the race on requires months of advance work that would be for naught if we found that the race could not be held only three weeks before it was scheduled. Once again, as with so many other aspects of daily life these days, COVID-19 becomes a factor that must be considered.

After much thoughtful and comprehensive consideration of all the factors, the Committee published and presented its excellent report to the Board for consideration. The Committee’s recommendation was that the 2021 Annual Sandia Snowshoe race be cancelled. Although it was by no means an easy decision to make, as voted by the FOSM Board of Directors, the 2021 Annual Sandia Snowshoe Race will be cancelled.

Hopefully, at some point in the future, things will return to what passes for normal and this fun recreational opportunity will resume.

Bob Lowder, President
Friends of the Sandia Mountains


17th Annual Sandia Mountain Snowshoe Race

Please plan to join us for the 17th Annual Sandia Mountain Snowshoe Race, presented by the Friends of the Sandia Mountains on Saturday,  January 25, 2020. The Race will begin at 10:00 am at the lower level parking lot at Sandia Crest and is a 5-km/3.1 mile tour through beautiful trails in the Cibola National Forest.

Registration instructions will be available at this web site (www.sandiasnowshoe.com) beginning in late November.

All proceeds go to the Friends of the Sandia Mountains for preservation and maintenance of trails and other US Forest Service resources.

The registration fee includes pre- and post-race refreshments, the required parking fee at the Crest, and prizes in several categories. The race is limited to 175 participants, and racers of all levels are invited to participate. The registration limit is usually met early, so please donĂ­t delay and miss out on the fun.

We suggest that you try to carpool to the Crest on race day. Parking may be limited.